How to fill a IJoy Reaper Plus Tank without leaking

How to fill Reaper plus tank without leaking

1. Unscrew the tank bottom base, and take it apart.
2. Unscrew the coil, and screw the coil into the base, to make sure the coil connect the base well.
3. When the first time using, you will need to drop some e-liquid into the coil.
4. Screw the base into the tank body.
5. Lock the juice flow hole by twist the body into close. you will able to see the hole close when do it.
6. Lock the bottom airflow hole.
7. You would able to see a small drop laser on the top cap of the tank, that is e liquid filling hole, so lifting up the top cap to open the hole.

8. Fill the e-liquid in tank. 
9. After filling e-liquid, remember to upside down about 10s make sure it is seal.

10. Open the airflow hole at the bottom, unlock the juice flow hole.

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